Sharon Press <br/> Ph.D
Privacy is a primary concern of any therapeutic relationship, so we cannot reveal the identities of those quoted here. However, each is taken verbatim from comments submitted by patients of Dr. Press.


“This woman is a wonderful psychologist. She’s smart and extremely adept at working with children and parents. If you want to understand your family dynamics and what you need to do to improve your situation and your child’s situation then humble yourself and listen to what her experience is telling you. If you can’t do this you are not a willing participant in your therapy.”

“Dr. Press was right on and gave me incredible help at a time I needed to resolve a serious problem. She was exceptionally knowledgeable, but what impressed me more was how well she listened and understood. I was also grateful Dr. Press was cautions and clear i.e. ruling our physical problems for my feelings, and the need to be direct and honest with her, in order for her to help.”

“My rating of Dr. Press is exceptional. I found her through recommendations from friends in Princeton, who stated that Dr. Press is the best child psychologist in Princeton. I had an emergency with my daughter. She called me right away and made herself available at her office at 8 pm that evening to assess my daughter. She was the only therapist that my daughter has ever openly engaged with. I felt she was direct, honest and very invested in helping my child. I cannot say enough about how great my experience was with her or the results that we achieved working in therapy with Dr. Press.”